Friday, September 11, 2009

September 2009 (so far...)

September is here and fall is in the air! I even got a visit from Grampa Bill who came Hawaii to see me!

He sure likes holding me!

I love drinking water out of my straw cup

Mmmm refreshing!

I want to play the drums just like Uncle Rob

I am pretty good too!

I climbed up Mommy and grabbed her camera and took a picture of my wagon, seriously I did.
She helped hold the camera and showed me which button to push but I did it all by myself :)

Then I took a picture of my musical toys since they are my favorite!

My highchair is my favorite jungle gym!

Oops Mom, were you taking my picture?

I love berries for breakfast!

Up at Venture Valley to visit with Grampa Bill and family

Mmmmm peaches are my favorite!!

Daddy, Grampa Bill and Me!

My feet got really dirty up there crawling around everywhere!

I had fun playing under the table with my cousin Bella

It was a good time!!

Here I go crawling through chairs again...

Hey Dad, I want that camera!

I am such a big boy now. I am crawling and cruising everywhere and have stood all on my own a few times but as soon as I figure it out I always sit down! I say Dada really well and I usually call Mom HeDa (they think I am trying to say Heather)! I love playing with the dogs but my favorite activity is getting into trouble!!

Mom and I's Quick Road Trip to Reno

Mom and I took a quick road trip to Reno to see DeeDee and the rest of the Bloem kids who were on their way to Burning Man! It was fun to meet them and here are some pictures:

We stopped and took a quick hike at Donner Summit on our way

I was pretty tired of being in the car at that point!

Me and Mommy with DeeDee!

Getting ready for Burning Man!

Hi John!

It's Ch-ad!

The whole gang (minus Julie!)

Me and Mom with the Bloem Kids!

Our Hotel, we stayed at the Atlantis Casino!

It was a fun couple days but I was happy to get home to Dada and the doggies!

More August Fun

August has been so much fun I had to add some more pictures to my blog, enjoy!

Check out my cool new Trike from the Swains

I really like it!

Jacob on the slide

At Rob and Shauna's baby shower

Mom took me for my first haircut and I didn't like it very much

I am not very happy here! But I got a lollipop a few seconds later and I let them finish my haircut on Mommy's lap

Daddy and I had lots of fun one Friday

He declared it Finger Food Friday and it was great!

It was definitely a good idea to take off my shirt!


This is the before picture...

We had a fun birthday swimming party at Vita's Grandma's house and I got to try out her new scooter

Walter had to make sure the water was the right temp!

All the kids in the sandbox

All the Sager and Willis boys at Shanua's birthday dinner

It was a fun night with the Hiltons and Strangers

Shauna's parents treated us all to such a nice meal! Thanks again..

The Willis boys and their families (well Mommy is behind the camera)

Fun times in August

The week of my birthday was lots of fun! Grandma and Grandpa U were in town and I loved spending time with them. August has been a great month and here are some pictures...

Being silly with Mommy

My friend Rosie

Ely and Me!

Hi Mommy! I want your camera...

Grandpa U and I had a great time together

It was great seeing them and I can't wait to cuddle with them again soon

Mommy loves this picture so much!

We went and fed the ducks the left over buns from my birthday party

Jacob was with us and it was a great way to spend a nice sunny afternoon!

I love all my great birthday presents

I can't believe how much stuff I got and I love it all! Thanks so much everybody!!

Walking with my wagon is so much fun!

Mommy finally retired the rubber ducky bathtub since I didn't really fit in it anymore


Swimming at Jenn and Garrett's

Fun times on a sunny Monday afternoon, Thanks Jenn

I love all these balls

Chax at the park eating yogurt on another fun Monday

I finally had a tooth pop through and now I really like chewing on stuff, like my finger!