Friday, September 11, 2009

September 2009 (so far...)

September is here and fall is in the air! I even got a visit from Grampa Bill who came Hawaii to see me!

He sure likes holding me!

I love drinking water out of my straw cup

Mmmm refreshing!

I want to play the drums just like Uncle Rob

I am pretty good too!

I climbed up Mommy and grabbed her camera and took a picture of my wagon, seriously I did.
She helped hold the camera and showed me which button to push but I did it all by myself :)

Then I took a picture of my musical toys since they are my favorite!

My highchair is my favorite jungle gym!

Oops Mom, were you taking my picture?

I love berries for breakfast!

Up at Venture Valley to visit with Grampa Bill and family

Mmmmm peaches are my favorite!!

Daddy, Grampa Bill and Me!

My feet got really dirty up there crawling around everywhere!

I had fun playing under the table with my cousin Bella

It was a good time!!

Here I go crawling through chairs again...

Hey Dad, I want that camera!

I am such a big boy now. I am crawling and cruising everywhere and have stood all on my own a few times but as soon as I figure it out I always sit down! I say Dada really well and I usually call Mom HeDa (they think I am trying to say Heather)! I love playing with the dogs but my favorite activity is getting into trouble!!

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